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I am Karen Mendez and I am a biologist. My healthy journey began some years ago when I was suffering from digestive problems. Since that, I started learning about healthy eating and the benefits for people. I love keeping updated in the nutrition field, reading healthy books, and exploring different foods, diets, and natural products to personal care. In this website, you will find articles on everything lifestyle related and content geared towards personal care. You will learn about the components and properties of food to choose the best high-quality products with the best health benefits. All the information is based on an in-depth scientific review to adopt healthy habits that will support your long-term health goals.

Why create Plato colorido?

  • The main cause of millions of deaths worldwide is the steady increase in the development of diseases associated with nutritional metabolic disorders.
  • The amount of information about “healthy” products, recipes and diets that in the long run are not healthy is growing. This is a way to confuse people instead of being a reliable resource.
  • Most people are not meeting daily nutritional requirements. Therefore, deficiencies are more common than most people realize.

What are the principles of Plato colorido?

  • It is not to stop eating, it is to eat well. Most people think the best way to lose weight is by restricting the amount of food or even stop eating. The most important thing is the quality of the nutrients that you are putting into your body according to your individual needs, problems, and goals.
  • Focus on the root cause, not in the symptom. Eating patterns determine most of your health. The way you eat has a direct effect on your health and wellness. We reflect outside what is happening inside. So we need to find the real reason for a given symptom.
  • There is not a specific diet that fits everyone. Everybody has different nutritional requirements. Then, diets should be set according to your disease predisposition, allergies, and sensitivities.

Welcome to Plato colorido!